In my quest for new (to me) urban fantasy series, I realized it’s not the easiest to discover those, since I live in the Netherlands and those lovely pocketsized books are actually not for sale in my local bookstores. For how I discovered the genre, read on here, but now I will tell you how I sate my love for UF series in a UF starved world… Obviously this is just really basic stuff about how I find new books, but since I ctually spend some time on that and like the process I thought I’d share!

1) First stop? The US version of Amazon. I will go to the page of the last book or series I read (and if I am without inspiration I will visit Kelley Armstrong’s books) and check out the “other people also bought” section. I love this, please tell me I am not the only person who spends hours like this browsing. 

2) Second stop… Twitter. I follow some authors I love on there and I check out if they have any recommendations or if there are authors they interact with a lot. If they run in the same circles, I find sometimes they write similar style books as well.

3) I check anthologies. If a writer I love contributed to one, I will check the other authors who wrote stories for that anthology.

4) Reading conventions. If a lot of awesome authors gather together, well…. I expect that their books are a sweet read too. For example, Nola StoryCon in New Orleans in September -I so wish I could attend- is where I found out about Jeaniene Frost. (I reviewed her debut novel here).

5) I go to the library and browse the shelves. This is actually how I found out about the Hollows series. I was looking for the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris (totally cute, by the way) only they were out. So I looked to the books that were there instead, and Kim Harrison’s books were literally the next best option.

6) Out of necessity I go visit American style bookstores, like Waterstones (which I know is British, btw) or the American Book Store in Amsterdam, our touristy and slightly shady capital. Great place to visit though 🙂

7) Recently I started to check Goodreads as well, especially the lists on there. I really like the site, but only started using it like a week ago. So far I love the vibe, of people giving honest and excited motivations, but I find it a bit difficult to navigate and dislike the lay out a bit. By the way, Goodreads is especially important for me to keep track of books I still want to read, I love the “want to read” button.

8) Okay, so since today I have a Scribd subscription, (it’s like Netflix for books they say) and I browse through their urban fantasy section as well. It’s just like a bookstore only you can go their in your pyjama and without leaving your house. It’s amazing.

9)  Other book blogs. I find that I like reading reviews after I have read the book, since I am just really open to suggestion and will find myself agreeing with the reviewer while reading the book and y’know for the first time reading the book I’d like it to be a twosome not a threesome 😉 But I check out what books they reviewed and based on that I might pick out a book. And after I’ve read it I will come back to that blog and read the review.

10) I listen to people! You know, I mention, in passing, that urban fantasy is my jam and keep my fingers crossed that a) the person knows what I am talking about  (ehh this is a rarity!) and b) that they have some great recommendations for me.

That’s a wrap! How do you find new series? Any recommendations for me? Do you have a similar process? Tell me in the comments, since I’d love to know… 🙂