Even though this is primarily a book blog I do not constrict myself to fit a medium 🙂 Since urban fantasy is my main jam and I am actually wanting to share my love for this genre as a whole, I am going to include select TV shows here as well. I may post a blog in the future explaining how I define urban fantasy here, but for now I will just say my blog, my rules, and I declare The Originals this week’s “waiting on Wednesday.”

There is a lot to get excited about. This spin off from the Vampire Diaries targets a more mature audience while actually featuring somewhat less mature vampires, ha. The originals are a family of vampires, and I love that. These creatures that live for millenia stick together like honey to flies-they attract but the honey (Klaus Mikaelson anyone?) has a disastrous effect. Add a contemporary New Orleans setting and a generous helping of magic and gumbo and this series can’t be beat.  I can’t wait to see how Klaus is like as a baby daddy, how Hailey will survive the curse put on her and how newest/oldest Mikaelson sibling Frieda will mess up family relationships.

Anyhow, I watched season 1 and 2 last year. The first season I could watch nice and proper on Dutch Netflix, but the second one required me to get more creative (remember Popcorn Time). It was awesome but for various reasons I decided to just stream legally and pay for my services (weird that I feel I have to declare this). So this means I will be waiting quite a while and will probably only see it next year even though the third season is on TV in the US now. Is that a weird reason to want to move?  Oh well. Lots to look forward to in any case!


What series are you waiting for? How do you watch them? Do you agree I can apply the urban fantasy genre to television shows? Let me know in the comments!