In my effort to expand my urban fantasy readings, I dove into Ilona Andrews’s Innkeeper series. Ahhh. It was so good! I tore through the first two books (thanks for making me appear bleary-eyed at work. Worth it though). And now, because there’s always two sides to a coin or some stuff like that, now the anguish of waiting on the third installment!

But… because Ilona Andrews is actually an amazing husband-wife team who double as writergods, they post installments on their blog of the third book. They are blogging their book (taking book blogging much more literally than I do!). And I love it, (though I am concerned at the notes above the post which usually state that this lovely writer duo is working their asses off and being totally stressed out! You don’t know me but I am sending zen your way 🙂 By the way, because it’s in installments and I am forced to go through the book at a much more reasonable pace, I have some time to ponder chapters… and so far this one is my favorite.

I can wait, after all, if a book is worth it!

What books are you waiting for? Do you know of any authors that blog their books this way? I’d love to know!