Sooo, another happy review ❤ Beware of the spoilers! Clean Sweep was published October 2015, and since then a second book has been published and Ilona Andrews are blogging the third book on their site.

Read this if you love new mythology

I am late with this review (read the book last week) but even so I am just having trouble recalling the story. To me the story was more the backdrop that was used to display the amazing mythology than the other way around.

Still, if you just want to read some not so cookie cutter urban fantasy books, these series are exactly right for you. Ilona Andrews took the werewolf and vampire lore and gave it a new source: space. The descriptions of the planets and the system gave me a sort of childlike joy in that it was so new and out of the ordinary. To me, anyway. I don’t know if this is maybe a common trope. In any case I never saw it before.

It’s all about protecting your territory

Innkeeper Dina and werewolf Sean start working together to kill some aliens. Perfect, in this first book there honestly isn’t much more to it. This felt more like the setup for the next books (which I love more and more as they progress) than like a solid first book but maybe it’s a nice reversal of the usual trend, in which series start off amazing and then sizzle out.

Creepy, crazy creatures

Inn (Gertrude Hunt)

Descriptions of houses, wherein we spend so much of our time naturally, but to which so little attention is given, are amazing to me. The idea that a house is alive and has a heart is in a sense so natural to me (and I have seen it in a horror movie for instance) that I am surprised it doesn’t come up more. But anyway, inns are necessary gateway houses on the earth, a neutral planet, and they allow aliens to travel the earth undetected. Nice.


Since the inn is the source of their power, the average innkeeper is very homebound, so to speak. In that respect their powers seem limited. However, they can change rooms at will, and literally bury their enemies by blinking basically so they are pretty awe inspiring.

Alien Shih Tzu

A tiny dog with a giant set of teeth.


The inn’s permanent guest is flesheating royalty but further than that.. I have no clue. She was cool, but didn’t seem to serve a function aside from giving some sage advice here and there. Then there are many other species that are hinted at or mentioned briefly, all aliens, so that’s nice but also means the book is all over the place.


Their homeplanet is destroyed, and they were originally poets. They can change at will, are incredibly strong, and… I don’t think they run in packs. Interesting spin, but this seemed weird to me. The alpha werewolf as military guy who is predestined to do militarytype stuff because his parents were bred by scientists… I feel there is a moral there somewhere that I am not entirely convinced is right. Which shouldn’t matter, but does, you know, since as a reader of lightweight smut (oh yeah, no smut in this book) I don’t like to feel this undercurrent of subtle morality lessons.


Feudal system, they get drunk on coffee but like mint tea. They are strong and bulk up with age. I am not even sure blood drinking is mentioned in the books, maybe that’s not even the case? They do have fangs though. By the way, in every vampire book I have read so far there was a quit intense hierarchical system in place (and of course this one is no exception). Hm.


The cutest!! These tiny merchants are just cute. That’s it. Also, big on family and trading, of course, and intensely religious towards their ancestors.


Clueless individuals (but with “magic” which manifests as intense intuition). I feel for the poor police officer just doing his job.


How did you like this book? What did you think of the mythology? Hit or miss, let me know in the comments 🙂 

p.s. I got this book via Scribd. This is not in any way endorsed by them, just wanted to say that for 9 euros you have international access to many great reads that you can’t find elsewhere, or that you have to buy individually. It’s limited, since you can only get three books and an audiobook a month I think, but it has a good selection and the books are instantly available. And I wish I had known about it before since it might have saved me some bucks :).

p.p.s. Ilona Andrews must be the best team of authors there is (can you imagine you actually found someone you love to the moon and back and have a professional relationship with that leads to being a superpopular book publishing duo? *Squeeeee* as far as I am concerned they are living the dream).