Hey there,

So it’s been a while. Almost a year. Why did I stop? 2 reasons

  1. I created this blog when I was busy and in need of a fun distraction. After my busy period the blog seemed a waste of time, somehow. I was not doing all that much, so why would I spend an allotted amount of time on ‘relaxing’ when I could be Writing, Reading, and Thinking about important things?
  2. My Twitter account, linked to this blog, had become a beacon for spambots from advertisers and novelists. How it will help anyone to send out 100.000 messages asking “hiiii whasssup, wanna connect? check out my book?”

So all in all my flakiness combined with a sense of disconnect from real people led me to quit. And now I might start up again, not because I have any readers or anyone to hold me accountable, but because writing and reading allows me to connect to a space within myself that I asssume yogi’s talk about when they talk about their ‘centers.’ It makes me feel happy, is all. And this blog provides some structure. And an incentive to get myself back on Scribd and spend hours browsing books ❤