Join me in my love for urban fantasy books with a strong female lead. Pretty please?

If you’d like to collaborate, tell me why my reviews are wrong (or right), write reviews for this site, share the love for deliciously smutty/funny/crazy/happy/whateverfloatsyourboat books, please drop me a line. You can also come find me on Twitter or on Goodreads. Please do, I’d love to hear from you!

What do I write about? 

The books I’d recommend to my little sister. (When she’s older, maybe, in some cases). For me to rave about a book, it needs to have strong (usually female) characters, a bit of romance, elements of fantasy, and the evil people getting their asses kicked. Because I need the inspiration, distraction, and because I just like magic.

Writing philosophy

Confession: I don’t like most book reviews! Or at least, I dislike the first half of them. Since I don’t like reading reviews that start with a summary, I won’t add them anywhere here. (I will give you a link to Wikipedia, and that’s that).

The reviews I like to read most are actually TV series recaps (like the ones Vulture has). So, just like in those reviews, I assume you have read the book and want to share your thoughts/see if my version of the book matches yours.

Why did I start this blog experiment?

Nearing 23, I just started my second internship at a news organization. That means that in the coming summer I will be struggling with office dress codes I haven’t figured out yet, doing work I love but sometimes grasp to understand, and trying (not) to change and fit the bill. Oh, and figuring out if this indeed is what I want to do while keeping up the seemingly expected charade that this is indeed what I want to do for the rest of my life.

To be honest, I need a little outlet to keep myself from going crazy this summer. This outlet? Book reviews! To give my stress reading some structure, and because I absolutely hope to connect with other awesome book lovers.


I am not actually a guy, but I’d like to be called sir all the same 😉